Land Banking General
History of Land Banking
The accumulation of wealth through land ownership has defined human economic history. Land has been a primary source of production and it's control has been the control of wealth. The accumulation of land in the path of development of cities and countries has been a historical process of great wealth accumulation.

Who Does Land Banking?
Currently the process of buying and holding land for a variety of economic, political and value-based reasons by government entities, corporations and organizational. Governments land bank to secure locations for schools in expanding neighborhoods, as part of supporting economic development initiatives or for "open space reserves." As corporations watch changing demographic patterns and where people are moving, they will bank land for future stores and distribution centers. Environmental and conservation organizations purchase land as a strategy for securing habitat.

Individuals of means have always purchased land as part of their portfolios. This "consumer" Land Banking is a critical part of many investors asset allocation and portfolio diversification. ACE Capital Group works with individuals to support their own wealth development strategy and access the power of Land Banking.

Where is Land Banking Done?
Consumer Land Banking is done with pre-developed land in the path of growth of a major metropolitan area. Based on government and private studies about demographic and population patterns, projections are made about where people will be living 5+ years in the future. Based on economic, social and geographic patterns projects are made about the future value of the land. These projects form the basis for targeted locations which are prime for Land Banking

ACE Capital Group has studies targeted locations around the country and has chosen to focus on the 60 mile radius surrounding the expanding megatropolis of Los Angeles. The United State's property rights are the strongest in the world; and California's limits on property tax increases creates a relatively stable environment for projecting carrying costs. The Los Angeles metropolitan area is the largest in the country and has provided the one of the most sustained population increases.  Our ongoing anaylsis and studies show that the Antelope Valley area has the conditions, as presented in the Land Banking Institute's Ten Key Indicators -- which maximize the Land Banking opportunity. Antelope Valley has become the clear "edge of development" with proven sustained property value increase over the last 5 years. It presents an excellent location for Land Banking.

How is Land Banking Done?
Land Banking involves the purchase of land at or below current market rates. This property is held until the value matures. When it can be sold at a profit the proceeds are reinvested into additional parcels until the financial goals have been achieved. The structured stages of the Land Banking process are clearly laid out in the Land Banking Institute's Knowledge Center.

Purchasing a property and preparing, cleaning and insuring the title to make it suitable for Land Banking can often be a challenging, time consuming and a costly process. Adding to that realtor fees and the price of the proper can quickly make the property exceed market value. This then means the first critical years of property value maturing is to "get back to even" rather than grow wealth.

For many individual consumers -- without the time and resources of institutional investors -- turning to a Land Banking Specialists is the way to secure the right property at the right price.  ACE Capital Group's Land Acquisition Specialist have developed the relationships neccessary to ensure that the customer's of our premiere GreenDeed(tm) product secure a grant deed with minumal fees purchased at or near market price.

Why do Individuals and Families do Land Banking?
Reasons for Land Banking as a wealth building strategy are diverse. Goals for personal Land Banking include securing retirement, paying for college education, recovering the value of a pension and leaving a lasting legacy to family or organizations. After a review of financial goals, Land Banking is often the foundational strategy for building real wealth.
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