Home Flipping
You can do your own Flipping or join us. 

You Do Your Own Flippings.
In this case, you have enough money to invest in one or more homes. We find distressed properties for you, you fix them up and list with us to re-sell them. All expenses will be paid out from your account. A flipping may take from one to six months, depends on how much work needs to be done. So a year, about two to four transactions can be finished. Each property bought, fixed and then sold, you make some 10% - 30% profit. Assume 20%, you earn about 40% to 80% on your invested money a year.
We only earn our Real Estate Commissions this way.
You Join Realtheon Flippings.
You place your money with us. We find, buy, fix and re-sell the properties. All expenses will be paid out from our joined Realtheon Real Estate Investment account. A flipping may take one to six months. So a year, about two to four transactions can be finished. After a transaction is finished, we split the profits between you and us.
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