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 Realtheon Buyer Commission Rebates

We appreciate your trust in us, and allow us to help you in your important home purchase. In return, besides giving you our Best Helps, we also Rebate You with a Portion of Our Commission.
Buyer Agent’s (Realtheon) commissions vary widely, from 1% to 4%, but usually 2.5% to 3%. As a Home Buyer, usually You do NOT pay Realtheon any Commission. The Seller pays us our commission through the Seller Agent. We retain the commission in percentage listed in the following table. Any Commission rate that is Above our Retained commission rate will be Rewarded to You. (If  we get a commission rate that is equal or less than the retained commission rate, you don’t have to pay us a commission, but you get no commission rebate.)
Property                                 Realtheon Retained         Buyer Rebate

Purchased Price                    Commission Rates            Commission

$0,000,000 - $0,499,999         2.50%                                 All commission above 2.50%
$0,500,000 - $0,999,999         2.25%                                 All commission above 2.25%

$1,000,000 - $2,499,999         2.00%                                 All commission above 2.00%

$2,500,000 - $4,999,999         1.75%                                 All commission above 1.75%

$5,000,000 - or More              1.50%                                 All commission above 1

Few Examples:

1/ You purchase a property at $400,000, our commission rate is 3%. The total commission is $12,000. But according to our Broker Retaining Commission table, we only keep 2.50% of the commission, and You will be rewarded 0.50%. In this case, we keep 2.5% ($10,000) and 0.5% or $2,000 will be rewarded to You. 

2/ For a purchase price of $400,000, but our commission is 2.5% or less, you get no commission reward.

3/ For a purchase price of $600,000 and our commission is 3.0%, we keep 2.25%, you have a
reward of 0.75% or $4,500.
4/ A purchase price of $1,500,000 with 3% commission, we keep 2%, you get 1% or $15,000.
5/ A purchase price of $6,000,000 with 3% commission, we keep 1.5%, you get 1.5% or $90,000.

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