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For the First-Time Home Buyers: One of the keys to making the home-buying process easier and more understandable is Planning. Planning will help you discover valuable shortcuts and you'll be able to anticipate requests from lenders and other professionals in a home-buying process.

Some key questions related to planning:

Why are you buying a new home ? Are you ready to buy a new home ? Do you have money ? Do you have a purchasing timeframe ? What area do you want your home to be ? What are the longer term trends in the area ? What are the schools like ? What are other services and recreations in the area ? What type of home are you looking for ? How much space do you need in your home ? How much real estate can you afford ?

Today's market is even more complex:
Many types of sale are available: regular sales (owner, or normal sales), REO or bank owned sales, short sales, etc. Buying a REO saves a lot, but REO properties are ussually badly damaged and you rarely get any inspection reports from the owner banks. Buying a short sale ? You got to be very patient. It usually is very hard to have an opportunity to look at a property, and you have to make appointments to see it. The rate of buying a short sale home successfully is small. Which type of home would you like to consider ?

Whatever your answers are, the more you know about your situation and the real estate marketplace, the more likely you are to effectively Define Your Goals. As a good exercise, it can be worthwhile to look at the questions above and to discuss them in detail when meeting with us.

Buying a home maybe the Best Investment today. 
With home prices down 34% nationally since 2006 and mortgage rates at historic lows, homes have never been more affordable. But home prices have been rising again in the last few years, from 2009 to now. This year will see more home prices appreciation. Buying a home maybe the Best Investment today.  

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