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Credit Report Tips

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Credit Report Tips

Tip #1 - Have the right credit score
The best combination of interest rate and points requires a higher credit score than in the past. Before the crisis, the best mortgage loans  came with credit score of 720. Then the industry went back to basics. Now the  best deals often need a 740 credit score.

Tip #2 - Protect and preserve your credit
Multiple credit inquiries will cause your credit score to fall. For that  reason, some would-be borrowers are wary of shopping around for a mortgage loan. But when mortgage lenders make multiple credit inquiries within a few weeks, those multiple inquiries are treated as one. Yes, it will cause the score to drop. But the  hit is likely to be minor because multiple inquiries are treated as one.

Tip #3 -
Talk to Your Lender
Depending on the lender or mortgage broker, it may be possible to pursue a loan before negative items on your credit report are removed. Talk to your lender about outstanding things (like unpaid parking tickets that you've paid) and they might be understanding.

Tip #4 -
Check Government Loans
Check government loans if you have bad credit. They are more forgiving.

Tip #5 -
FHA Loans
No credit at all ? Everyone has to start somewhere. FHA loans are insured by the government and require a lower down payment than many conventional loans. They target first-time homebuyers.

Tip #5 - Free Credit Reports
Beware of companies that promise free credit reports, but really want to sell you services to fix your credit. Remember, three credit bureaus are required to give you the report free.


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