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Welcome to Realtheon, a professional real estate & mortgage service broker in San Jose, Silicon Valley, Santa Clara County, California ***** We closed over 200 transactions during the last 10 years *****

Some 3% Down Examples
- For a $250K home, you put down $7.5K, borrow 97% of the purchase price or $242.5K. (Monthly PITI payments is about $1.6K. This requires $3.7K income a month.)
- For a $375K home, you put down $11.1K, borrow 97% of the purchase price or $363.75K. (Monthly PITI payments is about $2.5K. This requires $5.7K income a month.)
- For a $467K home, you put down $14K, borrow 97% of the purchase price or $453K. (Monthly PITI payments is about $3.1K. This requires $7.2K income a month.)
When you Buy a home with Financing, you need to have a Loan Pre-Approval Letter from a strong lender. You can fill out a Loan Application and run a Credit Report to see if you qualify for the Letter.
Fill out your Loan Application online securely here:

Pay $32 ($37 for a couple) to run your Credit Report here:

Available Homes
Attention: When open a property window from a link below,
1/ Click on the three dots (...) at the top right for "More Views"
2/ Select "Client Full" to view properties in details 
Single Family Residences (SFR)
SFRs < $750K
Investment Properties
Duplex, Triplex, Fourplexes (Residential) 
Apartments (5 or more units)
Commercial Properties > $1.00M 

Vacant Lands
* 50% Commission Rebate *
If you buy an Open House Home from properties listed above through me, I will do CMA, Comparative Market Analysis and show you Current Market Value of the Home, write an offer for you. (You already seen these Open House properties, and don't need me to show you any home).


Housing Market 2018 Predictings:

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