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Welcome to Realtheon, a professional real estate & mortgage service broker in San Jose, Silicon Valley, Santa Clara County, California ***** We closed over 200 transactions during the last 10 years *****

Find Percentage Change in Home Prices in Your Area with these steps:
• Open the Federal Housing Finance Agency website Fed House Price Index Area
• Select "--Select MSA 1--" and choose your city (or area).
• Click Start Search”, a table appears that lists the % Change in House Prices, quarter to quarter.

Find Changes in Your Home’s Value Over Time with these steps:
• Click Fed House Price Index Time to open the Federal Housing Finance Agency website.
• Click MSA/MSAD,  then click on the down arrow to select your area.
• Click on the arrow next to “Purchase Quarterand enter when you bought your home.
• Click on the arrow next to “Valuation Quarterand select the most recent quarter.
• Enter your paid price in "Purchase Price" box.
Press "Calculate". The Federal Housing Finance Agency website will spit out an Estimated Value, and a Chart showing how your Home Value changed over time.
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